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5 Prom Accessories You Definitely Should Consider

There is nothing more exciting in the life of a young lady than being asked to prom. This night is often seen as a sort of rite of passage from being a young girl to a young lady just entering adulthood. Being asked to prom is a crowning achievement and one that every girl dreams of throughout her formative years. Now that the day is upon you, it’s time to pick your prom dress on sites like, accessorise it and then there is nothing to do but wait until the doorbell rings on that happiest night of your teenage years.

1. Evening Bags

When it comes to prom night, not any bag will do. You will want something small and feminine, typically worn over the shoulder suspended from a long chain. A bag suitable for prom would also be worn well as an accessory to any formal or semi-formal event.

2. Jewellery

The wonderful thing about prom night is the fact that jewellery can be kept to a minimum for a more ‘sophisticated’ look. A single strand of pearls or a velvet choker works well with most dresses and pearls can be cultured which means they aren’t an expensive piece. If you are going to be wearing a wrist corsage there is no need to wear a bracelet and so the only real concern would most likely be your earrings. Wear whatever stone or precious metal that matches or complements your necklace. These are the two pieces to focus on: your earrings and necklace.

3. Shoes

Depending on who is going to be your date for prom, you may want to opt for flats instead of heels. Not only will flats keep you from towering over your date but they also may add a bit of charm to your prom dress. There are some amazingly beautiful flats that can be worn well at formal affairs but if you feel more comfortable in heels, it is suggested that you stay away from stilettos. These are much too high to be worn dancing for any length of time and before the night is over your feet will be aching more than you’d ever imagined possible. You don’t want painful legs and feet to be the dominant memory from your prom, do you?

4. Hair Pieces

Any adornments in your hair would be quite lovely for prom night. From jewelled hair pins to velvet headbands, there are a number of decorative hair pieces that would work well with any formal dress. Is your hair short? You can get hair extensions that can be worn for a single night only and for a bit of extra appeal you could wear a contrasting colour. If you have dark hair, wear a hair piece in blonde and vice versa. Some girls wear the extensions up in a curled do, something which wouldn’t be possible because of the short length of their hair naturally.

5. Shawls & Scarves

Finally, what prom dress wouldn’t be complete without an ultra-chic shawl or scarf? The days may be long and warm but the evenings cool off and a shawl would serve two purposes. Dress up your prom dress with an off the shoulder shawl or wrap a long scarf around the neck and down the back for added allure.

Prom night should be remembered fondly so choose your dress and accessories with care. Don’t wait until the last minute because there may not be time to find exactly what you need. Shop early and be prepared. This is your night to shine and with the right accessories you can do just that.

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