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Have you bought fake jewellery? BBC1 Fake Britain Investigate.

BBC1 consumer affairs series Fake Britain, presented by Matt Allwright, investigates a huge range of products, from electrical goods and clothes, to medicines, jewellery and children’s toys. They are currently looking into jewellery, mainly fake reproductions of mid to high end brands that are sold on the market today. Producer Kyra Beguiristain is also researching synthetic rubies, which seem to be quite prevalent at the moment, as current research indicates some are being sold as real rubies.

Kyra wishes to hear from any of you who have bought fake jewellery. Have you got your hands on that gorgeous Tiffany necklace, only to find out it’s a fake? or splashed out on that stunning ruby ring, to later discover it’s not ruby at all, but synthetic?

I am currently looking into jewellery, and researching rubies in particular, especially synthetic gems being sold as real. I am very keen to talk to any ruby specialists/gem experts out there who have a knowledge of the UK market, and can advise consumers on where/how to buy gems, and what to look out for. I am keen to find out where these synthetic rubies are being sold, how prevalent they are on the high street/online/TV shopping channels, and how the average shopper could inadvertently find themselves buying a synthetic ruby rather than a real one. I also need to make contact with a consumer who has themselves bought a piece of ruby jewellery, and later found it to be a fake.

They are also investigating mid-high end branded jewellery, which is counterfeited – namely Trollbeads and Tiffany, but other brands too and are keen to talk to anyone who has any knowledge of these areas.

You can contact Kyra on the following email: or Telephone 0207 928 9777.

We will look to follow up on this once they have completed their investigation in more detail.

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